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So... it begins. Empty So... it begins.

Post by Admin on 6th December 2018, 12:36

The Pendragon Castle has been built, aged and weathered, lightly furnished and made ready for a new population. 

We're always looking for new members to role-play imaginary lives in a fantasy of medieval Northern England, circa 1500. 
You're welcome to play as 'vanilla' as you like. In fact, we encourage it! Sometimes feeding the chickens can be more interesting than running through an enemy with a sword, depending on your mood! Of course, if you feel like heads should roll today, by all means have fun with that too.

Ordinary human beings living the usual day, eating and drinking, farting and burping... but please do also remember that magic is welcome, too! Whether you're wearing a charm, or became a ghost, vampire, wizard, witch, it doesn't matter! We only request that doomsday devices are prohibited. We don't mind you attempting to build one, but your story must avoid the outcome. If you set the place on fire, please put it out afterwards!

I, personally, would like to encourage that you substitute the mentioning of modern or futuristic technology with creative terms of endearment. For example, do you need to send an email? Send a pigeon instead. Abducted by aliens? You drank too much ale and ended up in a witches' grotto. Who'd believe you, either way? Tricorders and sonic screwdrivers are out. Use a sniffer-dog or a wand while speaking mumbo-jumbo instead. These are just examples but I'm hopeful you get the idea. The challenge of role-play is for yourself to be as creative as you can. 

The boring bit... read the terms and conditions and keep the adult stuff either minimal or tasteful. I don't really want to write rules and such, but I will if I have to and if pestered enough.  Swearing... I don't mind as it can add some flavour and colour to a character. Honesty, too, sometimes!  Use your best judgment or ask for help if unsure.  Moderators and administrators will be floating around from time to time, but if you really need help then just send a message to Admin and somebody will get back to you within 48 hours (depending on weekends, holidays and real life stuff). Until then, go make a cup of tea, cool off and let the passion feed inspiration for something else besides your computer. No keyboard warriors here, please! 

A final thought... do as you would be done by. Take your turn, let others post and contribute appropriately and try not to hog the limelight. We all want to give some flesh and colour to our fantasies and sometimes this can be overshadowed. If you're here merely to ruin the fun for others, our moderators will notice and that's the only warning I'll give about that.

That's about it. Thanks for reading, hope you sign up and - above all else - have fun! 

Signed:~ Lord Pendragon

So... it begins. Wolf-p11

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